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Bolt On Businesses


ELKOLET understands that the classroom environment is not for everyone and to expect a young person to be engaged with academics constantly is not acheivable for some. Conseqeuntly, ELKOLT have partnered with two local businesses to create the opportunity for young people to have work experience. Allowing a young person the opportunity to experience the work environment and to try different professions gives them the ability to choose something.

Vision Hair & Beauty is a not-for-profit salon based on the ELKOLET premises in Alton. Vision not only offers hairdressing and barbering services, but also offers nails and holistic therapy. At Vision, the environment is relaxed, friendly and conducive to learning, with supportive staff who have a heart for helping young people

Located on Alton High Street, Bahama Bay is an establishment that blends British and Bahamian cuisine. With its fun, colourful, laidback vibe, it is an ideal place for young people to discover the food and service industry.

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