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At the heart of ELKOLET’S vision it has always been about ALL the Young People – not just those who may require an alternative pathway through their educational journey; nor just those who are struggling to cope with life’s adversities and its pressures and neither just for those who find themselves unable to secure a job placement. No, although ELKOLET takes reactive measures to help with those types of situations, ELKOLET’S true focus is on ‘Prevention’! ​

“Prevention is better than cure” (Desiderius Erasmus 1466-1536) and ELKOLET’S Equipping for Life (EfL) heads up its preventative programmes and services aimed at all the young people of Alton and beyond.



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Our Founders

Investing in today for a better tomorrow

A marriage founded on love, faith and a heart for helping others.

Bryan and Paula, two individuals who together are the partners who carry ELKOLET's vision

"Over the years working with young people my wife and I have seen and experienced the true meaning of success: when a young person starts to realise their worth; begin to believe in the possibility of a brighter future for themselves; start to make choices that reflect a successful mindset… then, you have the recipe for true success!​"


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