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Who are we?

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Welcome to ELKOLET

A community and young person facing charity in Alton, Hampshire

For many years now, ELKOLET has been operating quietly, only really known by those who use our services. Though we have enjoyed this time and have still achieved so much, we want to offer more, help more and spread awareness of issues facing our community.

Here in our blog spot, you will learn more about ELKOLET as a charity, how we were founded, what our goals are and what we are up to in the community.

Though we are fighting to prevent disengagement from education and support our young people through the maze that is teenage life, we don't want our blog spot to be disheartening or damning like so much of the news is now.

Here, you can find the problems, yes, but also what we see as solutions and paths forward. A guiding light if you will.

To our future...

So to the community of East Hampshire and beyond, WELCOME TO ELKOLET!

We are so very excited for you to join us on our continuing journey!

Leave a comment, follow us on social media, spread awareness, volunteer with us or donate. Whatever it is you can do to support our cause is greatly appreciated.

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